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Weather Relics

Relics of the Old Days

Over the past 75 years the weather business has evolved from a short-term extrapolation of current conditions to week-long, dynamically/statistically based forecasts. Our understanding of the atmosphere has evolved tremendously during this period. Our observation networks have expanded from surface observations, to radiosondes, to weather radar, to satellite imagery and data. It is interesting to look back material that was used in the past. The purpose of this webpage is to display some of these "weather relics" and allow current-day meteorologists a glimpse of the past.

Click the links below to display the relics shown:

  • Aviation Weather Report Code (1966)

  • Frontal Characteristics (1970)

  • General Characteristics of North America Air Masses in Summer (1954?)

  • Speed Descriptors (late 1960s)

  • Teletype Code (1957)

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    There are several historical summary volumes published by the American Meteorological Society that are dedicated to individuals who have made significant contributions to the science. These books are not included in these historical references.

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