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Forecasting in Camelot

One of the best forecast jobs is being Chief Meteorologist for King Arthur in Camelot. Consider the following.

Seasonal forecasts are fairly straight-forward for a location where the climate is perfect all-year 'round:

  • July and August are not too hot
  • Summer lingers through September
  • Winter is forbidden until December
  • Winter exits March the second (on the dot)
  • Daily forecasts are a little more challenging, but do have some rules:

  • Rain never falls until after sundown
  • Morning fog must disappear by 8 o'clock
  • There is a legal limit to the snow (although it is not clear what that limit is)
  • Snow never turns to slush
  • Ah! To be a forecaster in Camelot! And it is even put to music.

    But wait! What happens if your forecast is not the "most accurate." Do you get axed (like some TV weathercasters should be)?

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    last updated on 9/03/13